Thank You David

This page is here for those who would like to post a note of thanks to David for all his work, dedication and talent that has been evident in the success of Celtic Music Night, as well as in the Celtic music community in general.

Just use the form below to add your words of thanks and appreciation.

2 Responses to Thank You David

  1. Ken Gaugler says:


    Thanks for being the greatest whistle teacher in the whole world. And of course, thanks for all the wonderful music you brought our way. Blessings on you as you head East into new adventures. Hope to see you again someday.

    Ken Gaugler

  2. Thank you David for running the wonderful Celtic Music Night all these years, and for all the music and joy you have brought to the community and your students. You are truly someone who made a big difference in people’s lives and the Santa Cruz cultural scene, and I wish you great success in your future and travels.

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